Affiliated to CBSE Board, New Delhi

Banthra, Kanpur Road, Lucknow

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Welcome ToKamal Delhi Public School, Lucknow

Kamal Delhi Public School is an Institution established reform the modern business/commercial friend of educational system adopted by various reputed public schools. The School is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced education, dutiful and devoted reformers of society.


Kamal Delhi Public School imparts education, on modern scientific lines with help of various teaching methods and change students in a wide variety of activities. General knowledge competitions, Art contents, Group discussions, Debates are hold regularly through out the year.


Individual Attention

All the students are assured individual attention as well as in their physical, mental and moral development.

G.K., Arts, Debating, Dance, Music, Flower Arrangement and Rangoli Competitions

G.K., Arts, Debating, Dance, Music, Flower Arrangement and Rangoli competitions are held regularly. Prizes are given to the winners which helps in all around development of the child.

Meritorious Scholarship and Awards

The Institution awards meritorious scholarships in cash/suitable prizes to the three position holder's of every class.

Annual Concert and Programs

The children are encouraged to perform on stage in the various cultural programs and annual concert of the school. This also helps in over all personality development of the students.

Learning Good Habits, Manners and Etiquettes

Children are taught good habits, manner and etiquette not only in the class but also through practical demonstration in the joint assemblies, which are a regular feature of the institution.

Parent-Teacher's Meeting

The school organized Parent-Teacher's meeting on every second saturday of the month in which discussion are arranged on child education and welfare.

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About Kamal Delhi Public School Facilities

Smart Class Room

The Teaching-Learning pedagogy used in the classrooms is IT enabled and some classrooms are fitted with Louch-Screen projectors, OHPs and sound systems. The class rooms can accommodate 40 students in one class and tutorial classes are designed for strength of 30-40 students.

School Library

Various magazines and books written by highly eminent personalities and authorities have been introduced in the school "Library" to keep the teacher well equipped with day information and knowledge. The students for first to onwards have all the facilities to enjoy book reading in the library.

Computer Lab

Computer education in school helps the children to get access to the extensive world of information. Students can find any information that they desire with the help of a computer. The computer lab has a great many utilities which help us in understanding the various aspects of the subject.

Science Lab

Kamal Delhi Public School has a well-equipped laboratory with a whole lot of modern amenities to cater to the need of the students. The students get a first- hand experience of the practical side of Biology. The laboratory is in fact a base for budding scientists, a place where they can put their innovative ideas and thoughts into practice.

Play Ground

Kamal Delhi Public school has a very big playground. It has a huge boundary wall. There were many trees around it under which students sit and talk on matters of interest to us. There are many flower plants too. We have a children playing area in a corner which has some swings and slides for small children.


The school will provide transportation facility to the students on payment of fixed monthly charges payable for twelve months. Transportation once availed shall not be discontinued for one quarter.
We are used advance vehicle tracking system in our school transportation (i.e GPS Tracking System).

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